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I Don't do Aristo!

I sat down in the only chair in the office and waited. The clock on the table told me the time was 2:35pm and I thanked it in my mind for the info. Thankful not because I was glad to know the time, but because it meant I was at least half an hour early for this meeting. Now if only he would come in, make the exchange of pleasantries as short as possible and tell me I was going to get the money I had come for without wasting my time. But I knew it wasn't going to be that easy. At least not after his last message to me included a quick referral to my 'voluptuous bouncy breasts' as he had described them.  I bowed my head to stare at the bulge of my breasts through my white silk blouse. They seemed to appear fuller today, as is always the case three days prior to the onset of my monthly friend.  The thought of that made me cringe. The pain that came with the pleasure of having bigger breasts for six days was unbearable.  I heard the door creak open and looked up to find h