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Everyone will See this

A Photograph.  Her frail body sprawled asleep on a bed, the sheets in disarray, lacy white panties the only thing to cover her burnt-brown African skin. Her arms on either side over her head, legs flung carelessly across the bed. The illumination of the room was aided naturally by sunlight, which filtered through a window that appeared to be on the opposite side from where the wooden bed stood. Behind the bed another window in front of which was a wooden wardrobe that towered high towards the ceiling. Below it, herself. On the bed. Unclothed.  She stared at the computer screen looking at the photo, her eyes fixed on the lace that draped her thin dark behind. And it seemed for a moment that she could completely ignore the fact that this was her in the picture, as she let her mind travel back in time recollecting where she had bought the cute undergarment. Then as though she was slapped back to reality by an unseen hand from the back of her head, she brought her concentration b