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How to Stop Hating yourself for Having Sex with Him

So you finally did it! You let him hold you and you didn't catch yourself resisting him. He sniffed at your hair, told you it smelled nice and you thought he was the best guy you had ever been with simply because he noticed the effort you put into caring for your hair. I mean, all the other guys you had been with had been douche bags yea? They didn't even notice when you changed your weave or whether it was your natural hair or not.  It never was. You had long destroyed your God given locks with relaxers and dyes, and traded it for the luster of expensive extensions that took more time to care for than it did to sew in. But this guy noticed. He took interest in your nails too and knew your nail polish was fushia, not just pink. Oh what a darling you said to yourself.  So you decided it was finally time to take it one step further, deeper. This time, after all the many other times, you finally let him do more than just kiss you. Not that the kisses were no longer satisfyi