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In One Dead Hotel like this in Ikeja

The bed sat lonely in the middle of the big room with only two side stools on either side of it for company. There was little else to furnish the space. A damp looking rug lay out of place just beside the bed on the floor, the mustard color of it did nothing to enhance the scene. There was a lamp on the stool to the left of the bed but there was no bulb in it. The only light source hung above her head in the ceiling and it flickered on and off a while before stabilizing itself into a dingy yellow glow. There was one window with no curtains and beyond it she could see the traffic of cars in the street below, horns honking and people shouting off abuses. The time was 11:47PM and the city was alive as though it were morning. "Lagos never sleeps," her father used to say with a surly laugh that made his big belly heave up and down in front of him. She wondered if he would approve of her spending the night in this cheap hotel room, with its humid bed covers and musty air

The Valentine's Gift

I sat in my little corner of the dorm, hedged between the bunk bed and the wall. I didn't mean to pry but I just couldn't help overhearing the conversation that rocked the center of the room. The loudest voice as always, belonged to Aisha, a small girl with a very thin neck that barely supported her rectangular head. A mop of thin lengthy jet black hair sat on her head in three equally shared cornrows.  "I am half fulani," she had told us one day in the beginning of the term when someone in the dorm had asked why her hair was so curly. As if that explained anything.  She stood now in the middle of the room, gesticulating with her hands just as quickly as the words swarm out of her small mouth.  "It would be a serious problem if Nnena does not declare for Sonia," she was saying to everyone who had cemented their attention on her.  It was indeed difficult not to be caught up in whatever Aisha had to say.  She always had the latest school gist, verified or