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Why I Stopped Smoking Weed. Not Your typical reasons

I guess I just suddenly realized that my body did not react well to it anymore. I found myself forcing the smoke down to suppress something. I knew I was suppressing something, running away from something, looking for something all at once.  Sometimes I told myself, and I really believed this, that I was smoking the herb to hear myself. Yes to an extent this is true, but the deeper truth is I could hear myself quite well without it. I noticed that when I was high, my mind would spiral out of control with all of these thoughts that would shoot out of me from all corners of my head and I would find myself scribbling and scribbling away, but it never really amounted to much use. But I guess I enjoyed that state of exploring all of these thoughts and finding eureka moments in not-so-eureka moments. I could never work high. Instead I'd spend the time thinking and thinking some more. What really got me was the fact that I was waking up to smoke first thing in the morning. Without a meal,

Want more Money? Here's A Question that Can Change your Life.

What you make in Life would be directly proportional to the weight of your Service to man. But your service to man would be of no good if you cannot serve without thinking of what you'd make. You have to get to that place in your servitude, where you can do it whether or not you would make money. Can you do it for Free? So the question, shouldn't be "How Can I make More Money?" but instead, " How can I be of more Service to Mankind/the world? " When I asked this question, my whole life changed! And it had nothing to do with what I was doing for work at the time, but just 'How Can I serve, and serve better? What could I possibly do to help more people? I realized that in answering the question ' How Can I Serve '  , I had to face the question ' What Do I Have to serve with?' You see your servitude would always go in line with what you have. And long before you serve with what you have physically, say money for charities and expanding your

Your biggest Problem with Money, plus a Quick Fix

Your problem with Money is your constant worrying about money. The reason we keep going back and forth around the subject of Money, is because it is high up there on the list of things that cause us to feel depressed, to feel low, inadequate. To feel like we don't know what we are doing with our lives. You worrying about money, how you are going to survive, pay your rent, pay off debts, all of these is constantly pushing a negative conversation about Money in your mental reality, and this has to be manifested in your physical reality. It is law. What you sow mentally, you reap physically. So how can you not say "I'm Broke", when the reality in fact is that you are broke? How is it possible not to feel the truth of your life. I am not asking that you go into pretend mode and sort of lie to yourself about your situation. What you need to do is write or tell a new positive story about your financial status. Your present reality is as a result of thoughts you had though a

Finding your Life's Purpose, A Simpler approach

In finding your Life's Purpose, here is a Question that I think can help. "WHAT DO I HAVE?" What do I Have to do the things needed for me to do in order that I may live a better more advanced life? Let us take the first question "What Do I Have?" This question helps you see beyond the physical space and deeper into yourself in search of your divine gifts. When you came into the world, you came in with something only you could have brought here. It was in your mind and in your heart. It was embedded in your soul. You knew IT. You sensed IT. You followed IT instinctively, intuitively, emotionally.  You felt it, you heard it, you followed it. For some of you, as you followed it, your parents watched you with disapproval and eventually spanked it out of you. "You better face your books," they said "And stop wasting your time with that." So you dropped it, forgot about it and slowly sank into a boring humdrum life without IT. For some, your parent