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Want more Money? Here's A Question that Can Change your Life.

What you make in Life would be directly proportional to the weight of your Service to man. But your service to man would be of no good if you cannot serve without thinking of what you'd make. You have to get to that place in your servitude, where you can do it whether or not you would make money.
Can you do it for Free?

So the question, shouldn't be "How Can I make More Money?"
but instead, "How can I be of more Service to Mankind/the world?"

When I asked this question, my whole life changed! And it had nothing to do with what I was doing for work at the time, but just 'How Can I serve, and serve better?
What could I possibly do to help more people?

I realized that in answering the question 'How Can I Serve'  , I had to face the question 'What Do I Have to serve with?'
You see your servitude would always go in line with what you have. And long before you serve with what you have physically, say money for charities and expanding your business to serve more people, you would have to serve with what you already have Spiritually.
This is your IT and I have written on the subject of your IT before.

When you know what IT is, you then have to begin to express it right away. Do not create problems or excuses for why you cannot express it now, this is a trap. To think that you need something external beyond the gift you already have.
All you really need is to find a pathway for expressing it now, using all the resources you have now.

I receive so many messages from my readers telling me Life is hard and they need money to do this or that thing which they couldn't otherwise do without money.
And my response is always :
"If You cannot do it without money, You cannot do it with Money either"

This was what I had to repeatedly tell myself and it was the only way to change my life.
This is the reason so many people fail in business. They say they need money to make the business work even before they have tested and then go in debt when their plans fails.
If your idea or plan would work, make it work first.

The truth is, if you are functioning in your IT, Life would work out for you. So here's a simple exercise, do yourself a favor, follow through, You would be changing your life almost immediately!

1. Write down what your IT is
2. Next write 5 Ways you can serve with your IT and what you'd have to be doing to serve.

Then all you have to do is decide how you can start now, using what you have right where you are. This is the first step to the growth in your life.

To your success!

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