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Your biggest Problem with Money, plus a Quick Fix

Your problem with Money is your constant worrying about money. The reason we keep going back and forth around the subject of Money, is because it is high up there on the list of things that cause us to feel depressed, to feel low, inadequate.
To feel like we don't know what we are doing with our lives.
You worrying about money, how you are going to survive, pay your rent, pay off debts, all of these is constantly pushing a negative conversation about Money in your mental reality, and this has to be manifested in your physical reality. It is law.
What you sow mentally, you reap physically.

So how can you not say "I'm Broke", when the reality in fact is that you are broke? How is it possible not to feel the truth of your life.
I am not asking that you go into pretend mode and sort of lie to yourself about your situation. What you need to do is write or tell a new positive story about your financial status. Your present reality is as a result of thoughts you had though about in the recent or long ago past now manifested.

Now, this here now, right now moment is the only time you have to begin to plant new seeds of positive thoughts in the rich soil of your mind.

A long while ago, I was so deep in debt and finally made one goal: TO GET OUT OF DEBT.
I wrote it before it happened on a sheet of paper,
"I Have now successfully paid off all debt by end of December and now living a freer, happier life."

Notice that the statement is worded in the present tense.
When you write down how things should be, write them the way you want your life to read.
You have to change your story energetically through the power of words, and hardwire the new positive thoughts in your mind, before you can see the changes manifested physically.

This would require enough steady, unwavering faith from you, but wouldn't you rather have faith in a better life for you?
Stop going over how things are now.
Write your new story how you want it to be.
Don't say "One day, I would go to America for my Masters"
Instead say, "I am now going on an all expense paid trip to America and succeeding excellently in my masters program."
These are two different realities and they have two different energies.
The first is wishy-washy, the other is a firm declaration by faith.

This is a simple technique that i have proven in my life works and I hope you use it to begin to change your Life immediately.


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