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He Doesn't Deserve You! What to do when You become Needy in Love

It is bad enough to want to be Loved, whats worse is wanting to be loved by someone who almost completely acts like YOU DO NOT matter.
And what happens when you begin to desperately need attention from this guy is that he invariably begins to lose interest and treat you like shit some more.
You find yourself on the other end of the line, calling him all the time, listening to the ringer loud in your ears as he ignores your calls.
You send messages and get no replies.

You begin to feel like there is something wrong with you. Who would love you? If he can't see something good about you enough to give you the love you so desperately seek then surely no one else will?
The truth is men want what they cannot have and what they can have loses value when they can have it more than enough. If he continually ignores you then he surely doesn't care for you so why should you care for him?

I can understand you might be lonely, you need attention, you want to be noticed. These are all natural needs for women, but know that where you are now is a desperate hungry place and until you get out of it, unfortunately by yourself, you won't be able to find the love that you seek that would bring you the truest meaning.
Step back for a little while dear girl and stop seeking. Instead begin to give yourself your own Love, even you deserve this.
I know you may have heard this lots of times and it probably may not have made sense to you before but let me break it down for you.
On your own, by yourself, alone, you have got to find your own happy place. This would require discipline and responsibility on your part but you would be doing yourself a lot of good.
You must get to the point where you can be by yourself, completely immersed in the beauty of your world and be able to see and enjoy this beauty by yourself without needing anyone else.
Go out by yourself.
Dress up for yourself.
Have fun with yourself.
Stop looking outside for someone who would love you and make you happy, that need is something you ought to fulfill for yourself first.
What happens when you are able to do this is that you would become so full of your own love that it would radiate outward from you. You would then be able to be matched up energetically and vibrationally with someone of the same love frequency. Someone who has loved themselves enough to the point where they do not need external validation either.

The easiest way to do this is to simply forget about relationships and instead focus on the one relationship that matters which is between you and yourself.
Let me tell you something that you probably know already but cannot accept fully: Sometimes we settle for relationships that are bad for us because we are looking for satisfaction, the satisfaction that can only come from the effort we put into the relationship with ourselves.
If you are not yet at a place in your life where you get up every morning energized and ready to take on the day because you have big wonderful goals you are reaching for, then a relationship at this point is not going to do you any good.
It is good to be in relationships. It is always a wonderful thing to have a special someone. But sometimes the only special someone we need is ourselves.

Learn to be your own Love. Find out what your soul is seeking in this world and set about being busy doing things for you. 
Being busy becoming a better you is the thing that lights up the path towards the person who will come to support you and make your world better.

So what are you going to do? Get busy becoming the powerhouse you have been sent to be or wait around hoping he would call you today? 4:24PM


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