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How to Find Your Passion

I have always being a do-it-all do-it-yourself person.
A lot of the things I do today I am able to do them simply because sometime in the past I probably had no one to do it for me or could not afford to pay someone else so I had to learn to do it myself.
Or perhaps I dabbled into it out of sheer curiosity, and this happens a lot.
So I have gone through many years dabbling into this and that and trying my hands on several tasks and skills in the past. 

At some point I was juggling three different creative pursuits at a time and I sure can tell you I wasn't fulfilled or exactly happy.
I hit a brick wall one year when I absolutely had lost everything.
I no longer knew what I was passionate about cause I had become passionate about so many things, I no longer could identify what brought me joy or what I genuinely liked to do.
I had no money, I was so stiff broke, I owed rent, I had bills, and I had no food in my kitchen or in my belly. It was a bleak and hard time. 
Then I found myself trying everything desperately looking for ways to make money from all the things I knew how to do. 
And here's what I learned in that time. 
This is so powerful that if you can simply understand it for what it is, it could change your whole perception on Passion.

Everything else I wanted to do to make money stressed me out.
I was so stressed from simply running the errands required, sending the mails, trying to make a sale, book a client. 
I knew I was doing ut just for the money, my heart knew, and eho knows, my energy probablt carried the weight of that need that my clients could read it in my mails and messages. They all came to no success.
Just stress and more stress.
One night I sat up in bed crying. I had had enough of it and I just couldn't do it anymore.
I had spent the last ten days desperately trying my hands at all my 'other passions' trying to make bank so I could pay my rent. And I was exhausted.
Then as though God had heard my prayers and was done teaching me a hard lesson, a mail came in from some people I worked with telling me they had a due royalty cheque for me.
When I checked the amount on the cheque it was the exact amount I needed to pay the bill I was owing.
At that point I cried and cried in gratitude. This was exactly 1 day before my notice was due.
Just 1 day!
And just like that, having a confirmation of payment, I dropped all the moves I was making on my other odd extra passions to make money

So how do You find your Passion?
The Simple Question is: "If You had the Money, would you still be doing what you are doing now?" 
If the answer is No, then it is definitely not your Passion.
I knew in my heart what I really wanted to do and it was to be a performer. 
On that day, I swore to myself I wasnt going to waste my time on nothing else and I was going to focus squarely on my life as a performer.
And as I made that decision, I felt all of the stress simply ease away, replaced by a sudden knowingness of my power and my gift and a sense of calm that I otherwise did not feel when I was spending all that time scheming and planning how to make money from this and that.

When you find what it is for you, it would hover around you with a warm sense of ease, no stressful feelings and no feeling like you are selling yourself out.
It would be so easy and care free that you would look forward to doing it again and again whether the money is coming in immediately or not.
Because you wouldn't be doing it for the money, You would be doing it for something larger than yourself.

And the money? It would flow where ease goes. You wouldn't even worry about the money, you would just know with a sense of calm, that it would come to you if you do your best job at this one thing.

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